How a local business directory helps SMEs shape India’s economy

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How a local business directory helps SMEs shape India’s economy

There’s a reason the internet is abuzz with the SME phenomenon: Small and Medium Enterprises have made their mark on the Indian economy and have shattered all perceptions previously formed. SMEs are being called the Indian economy’s very backbone.

SMEs are transforming the Indian economy!

SMEs and National GDP

These enterprises have accounted for as much as 17% of our national GDP in recent years, making up about 45% of India’s industrial output and also made up forty per cent of the total exports! This is the real power of SMEs, which owe much of their success to the emergence of a digital nation.

With more and more SMEs blossoming every single day, here’s how a local business listing helps both businesses stay ahead of the competition and customers discover the best in their locality:

Going Local

  • SMEs mainly capitalize on their local presence. It marks their footprint, their signature.
  • When it comes to announcing your presence in the local space, an online business directory can be a valuable asset for it can help businesses reach local customers in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Apps such as FindMe@ function as local business directories that serve to connect SMEs with their local customers. It is just like setting up your own Mobile App!
  • Business owners can list their businesses and stores online, ready to be discovered by customers who could simply filter businesses near them based on the category. Its that simple! And not to mention, extremely powerful.

Customers can easily locate nearby businesses using location sharing

No SMS. No Pamphlets, No Print Ads. Enter the Local Business Directory!

  • Gone are the days when a business owner would, after tirelessly toiling to set up a business, spend equal, if not more time promoting his brand.
  • Pamphlets, Print Ads and even SMS used to be the most effective promotion media. Not any longer!
  • The world has gone online and mobile and so has the brand marketing paradigm, which now heavily relies on a strong local online presence.
  • With a single tap, potential customers can now discover interesting new stores and businesses in their locality.
  • Since it’s on their mobiles, it’s always on- that chief defining characteristic of the wonder of modern technology that is a smartphone, unlike a piece of paper that is easily lost (and thrown).

The best offers instantly delivered to customers!

  • It’s no secret that customers prize offers and discounts!
  • Whenever a SME launches a special sale or preview, they can let their customers know about it first through the app that instantly notifies users of that exotic sale.
  • The power of real-time push notifications cannot be overemphasized. Posters about new arrivals, freebies, location based alerts, and information alerts can all be sent to customers’ mobiles in a matter of seconds.
  • SMEs can even run their own loyalty and membership programmes to increase customer engagement, rewarding and recognizing all returning customers.
  • There’s no better way to promote a discount period or sale for the impact of a direct communication link between a SME and its customers is the strongest. Period.

SMEs should make the best use of technology to stay ahead of the competition



  • Innovation is the prime mover for all businesses, and for SMEs in particular. A local enterprise today needs to leverage the existing technologies and churn them along with his product specific ideas.
  • The result: an explosive mix, an attractive product that is hard to resist!
  • Talk about the GPS technology, for example. Location Sharing is a very powerful technology that enables customers to get step-by-step directions right to your store.
  • Innovatively design your presence on a local business directory. FindMe@ powerfully integrates your SME store into a mobile app that can be designed as per your ideas and creativity.
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