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How a local business directory helps SMEs shape India’s economy

There’s a reason the internet is abuzz with the SME phenomenon: Small and Medium Enterprises have made their mark on the Indian economy and have shattered all perceptions previously formed. SMEs are being called the Indian economy’s very backbone. SMEs and National GDP These enterprises have accounted for as much as 17% of our national [...]

7 things local retailers can do on their mobile to increase customer engagement

Customer engagement is key to a successful business. Local retailers these days needn’t worry about ways to increase customer engagement when all they need is their mobile! Yes, it’s that simple. Still wondering whether you should get on the mobile trend? This article will show you why. 1. Go Mobile with a Local Business Directory! [...]

7 hidden advantages that local businesses have to offer you

A buyer is offered a very important choice: Choosing where to shop. While making this choice, many buyers first look at the prices of the products, then the location of the store from their home/workplace and finally the name of the store. In this entire line of thought, very little thought is given to small, [...]

10 ways to keep your customers happy

At the core of any successful business are satisfied customers. However, with so many forums for customers to share their buying experience, a few negative reviews have the power to substantially affect the reputation of a business. Technology has given consumers a lot of options to vent their frustration, like online reviews and social media, [...]

5 things small retailers can learn from online businesses

Are you are a small retailer? Do you find it hard to sell your products in this competitive world of cut-throat rivalry? Here are five things which you can learn from online businesses to successfully compete with your competitors. Make your entry into the digital mobile e-commerce world! 1. Use the power of mobile apps [...]

How you can be a smart shopper with your mobile phone

Times have changed. Smartphone shopping is here to stay. With the advent of 360° digitalization, smart shoppers prefer to purchase all commodities of their liking only after learning more about them through their mobile phones. People prefer to look up an online business directory to decide what they need to buy before setting out for [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Presence

Successful entrepreneurs certainly attribute high credits to online presence. In fact, today online presence stands as an integral component of leading businesses across political boundaries. The same may not hold true when it comes to a mobile optimized website. Astonishingly, many intelligent entrepreneurs are still not convinced about the virtues of mobile presence. Well, remember [...]

7 ways mobile apps act as marketing avenues for small businesses

Stop what you are doing and taking a look at the people around you. How many of them have their eyes glued to a 5” blue-light emitting screen? Almost everyone? We thought so. Mobile phones are quickly changing everything from the way we communicate to how we search for a nearest restaurant. If you are [...]

How smartphones are changing the way we shop

Smartphones have revolutionized almost every sphere of our lives, and online shopping is one of them. An online business directory is the need of the hour, and this is what all app stores aim to achieve. Local business search has benefited from this revolution. Smartphone shopping has appealed the most to youngsters who extensively use [...]

7 Marketing Ideas that Fit your Budget

Running a small-medium business means managing a slew of tasks from resource allocation to product designing. This could be demanding in terms of both time and money. If you own a small/medium enterprise, you are surely nodding in agreement. How then, can you make space for branding and marketing, which we all know are important, [...]