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5 things small retailers can learn from online businesses

Are you are a small retailer? Do you find it hard to sell your products in this competitive world of cut-throat rivalry? Here are five things which you can learn from online businesses to successfully compete with your competitors. Make your entry into the digital mobile e-commerce world!

1. Use the power of mobile apps

  • All online businesses and e-commerce portals have their online business listing in the mobile space. To stand up to them, make sure you too have your business presence set up on the mobile platform.
  • Your business listing must be updated frequently. All your product offerings along with relevant data must be listed online.
  • Leverage the powerful existing mobile platforms and apps such as FindMe@. The local business directory has largely been replaced by the online business directory. These keep you ahead of your online competitors as well!
  • Give your customers an incredibly enriching mobile shopping experience they will never forget. Make shopping easy, seamless and fun!

2. Efficient advertising is the key

  • Learn from online businesses- merely having an online presence does not help a business realize its full potential. A business listing online is essential to mark your presence in the digital world for sure, but make sure you advertise your products and services well in the virtual space of apps and other dedicated mobile platforms to stay ahead in the competition.
  • Placards, signboards, etc are falling out of fashion. You need to invest in online marketing and advertising on popular apps, websites, and blogs.
  • Stay in touch with your customers always. Know their needs and specific behavioral patterns. Powerful online analytics tools can prove useful in better understanding your customers’ habits.

Small retailers can receive greater response through an online business directory

3. Social Media presence

Social media is the latest revolution that has redefined the world of advertising. It is also undoubtedly the best way to engage customers with your offerings.

  • Social media, in fact, can serve as a new form of business listing. It is proven to engage customers well while they simply scroll through their everyday social feed.
  • Ensure that you have your social media profiles set up on as many varied platforms and apps as you can- FindMe@, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • The local business search process has taken a new dimension altogether- that of online local listings and searches. Many mobile space apps enable users to browse services and shops in their proximity. Use this feature to your advantage.

4. Send personalized emails

  • Most online businesses make direct contact with individual customers. One to one human interaction is undoubtedly the best way to market your services in the most effective manner possible.
  • Nothing can beat a warm, personalized email sent from your store to your potential customers wishing them on their special occasions, offering them exclusive discounts and offers customized for them.
  • Online customer relationship management is the new norm. Use bulk email marketing tools and apps to reach all your customers in a single, highly effective, click. This is much better than flipping through the pages of the local business directory.

Sharing is expanding!

5. Sharing helps!

  • Mobile platforms that enable small retailers to build their online presence also enable them to share their store locations with the customers.
  • Enable your customers to easily share your products and services with friends in their circles. Providing them incentives for each share is a great way to encourage them to be your brand ambassadors.
  • Local business search is made easier using apps since they allow customers to look out for nearby spaces and share them.
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