5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Presence

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Presence

Successful entrepreneurs certainly attribute high credits to online presence. In fact, today online presence stands as an integral component of leading businesses across political boundaries.
The same may not hold true when it comes to a mobile optimized website. Astonishingly, many intelligent entrepreneurs are still not convinced about the virtues of mobile presence. Well, remember if your websites aren’t mobile friendly, you may be losing out big business!
Research authenticates this viewpoint highlighting that 89 percent of browsing on the internet is conducted on the mobiles as against 81 percent on tablets. This clearly showcases that conventional methodologies of local business search now stand redundant. Undeniably, mobile is the future!
There is a soaring escalation in smartphone users. You cannot possibly afford to lose out on this growing market segment.
If you still aren’t won over, here are 5 bona fide reasons why your business needs a mobile presence !

1. Reach Out to Higher Percentage of Clients

Reach Out to Higher Percentage of Clients

Accessing the internet via phones has grown exponentially over the last few years. Most people irrespective of their social strata own a mobile phone of varied descriptions. This translates to numerous clients being ardent smartphone users.
Studies put forth that mobile apps guzzle a large chunk of an individual’s daily time. In fact, 83 percent of mobile users commence their day by surfing their smartphones. So why not make use of this opportunity to your benefit?

2. Accelerate Product Services

Accelerate Product Services

Mobile presence opens novel business dimensions. You could brainstorm to boost product innovation. Mobiles can definitely put you in the lead with respect to consumers searching the local business directory.
Ranging from enhanced customer data accumulation to resolving customer issues to designing a purchasing app– you can certainly use this platform to gain mileage in infinite ways.
Experiment and see your sales skyrocket!

3. Augment Brand Image

Brand image is critical to the success of any business. In this mobile era, you may seem obsolete without a mobile presence. You certainly do not desire to assert this negative implication on your business.
Mobile apps are far quicker and smoother in operations as against the conventional websites. The future prospects of your business will surely soar with more action and elevated client engagement.

4. Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social networking is also immensely popular with clients. You could explore the idea of offering sales via coupons to clients who share your brand on Facebook. This ushers higher social presence and consequently larger clientele.
If you fail to migrate to the mobile, you could be fast losing consumers who are searching the online business directory.

5. Easy Access to Mobile Search Engines

Easy Access to Mobile Search Engines

Once a client has surfed for information on the mobile, they will be interested in the directions to your location. This brings us to the importance of local businesses showing up in mobile search engines and maps.
Consider business listing a necessity on navigation tools. Google My Business and Apple Maps Connect are some of the popular platforms that help you reach a wider audience through the mobile.

The mobile era has undoubted arrived! Prudence lies in embracing this transition. Utilize the possibilities of this gadget to your maximum advantage.
Your competitors are already at it. It’s about time you put your act together and tame that mobile!

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